Meet our Founders

Founded with a big vision, we are committed to God’s work.

Johnny Ova

Apostle & Founder

Johnny Ova (Slionski) was born and raised in Long Island, NY. He was raised Italian catholic and for the most part always believed that there was a God.Read More

Rachel Ova


Rachel Slionski was raised in a grounded Christian home and had an encounter with God at a very young age. While visiting a church at the age of 8, Rachel received a baptism in the Holy Ghost and began to speak in tongues.Read More

Meet The Leaders

Our Leadership Team is here for you.

Bobby RiedelPastor

Our Pastor was born into a family already involved in ministry, thus, explaining his love for ALL people.Read More

Jason D’AmbrosioEvangelist

Jason Koch D’Ambrosio grew up in Deer Park, NY. Raised in a Catholic household, his grandfather made sure that Jay was sitting in a pew every Sunday.Read More

Chrissy D’AmbrosioIntercessor

Christina spent most of her childhood living in the Central Islip and Brentwood area of Long Island. Early in life, she spent many Sundays in church.Read More

Committed Leadership

Sound of Heaven is not a church where you will get lost in the crowd.  We are a growing family that is committed to each other and focused on changing this world through the Love of Jesus.  God created you with a plan and a purpose.  Our Leadership Team is here to support you, get to know you, and create an environment where you can be everything God called you to be.

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